Understanding The Social Web – The role of Influentials is Over Estimated

As Social Web expands into our real life, one would need to understand the core difference between our social network online vs. the network offline.

Here is a great presentation by Paul Adams, a UX Researcher at Google summarizing some of the key learnings from Google’s social experments. A few key points:

  • Role of influentials is over estimated!
  • People don’t realize that their conversations are persistent
    “when someone can Google you and see that you were a total bitch when you were 17 years old? The way that things are moving, you?ll soon be able to ?nd any of this public content on search engines. All this content we’re creating is sticking around, attached to our identities. “
  • Sometimes people need to be anonymous Half of the top 1000 reviewers on Amazon don?t use their real name.
  • Ratings that are linked to people?s real names are 20% higher than those that aren?t. People are worried about reciprocation: will that person now go and give me a bad review? They are also worried about repercussions: will the restaurant owner give me a hard time if I return?

Do go through all the slides – it surely is worth your time.

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