Social wishlist product Wishberg launches its public beta [5 point review]

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Social wishlist product Wishberg launches its public beta [5 point review]

Social wishlist product, Wishberg (earlier known as Tyched) has come out of private beta.

Wishberg enables users to discover and share purchase intents, experiences and reviews within their social circle. The platform focuses on high involvement categories like Travel, Cars, Bikes, Gadgets, Electronics and Real Estate and the company aims to build Social Graph for Product & Purchase Intents.

The product enables one to discover people from their social graph wanting to buy similar products and services (i.e. who have similar intents). It provides consumers an opportunity to connect with more buyers, discover social reviews and eventually, helps you make better buying decisions..

Here is a (quick) 5 point review of Wishberg:

#1. The product lets you create a wishlist to share with the world. That is, you wish to trek to Himalayas, just add that. Adding a wish is a Pinterest experience which I strongly recommend the team to revisit. Make it simple, please? Maybe, I should just start adding wishes in a text box which keeps auto populating the brand name?

#2. Make adding wish more search friendly. Actually, there isn’t any search option. Going by how I would like to add a have/wishlist – I believe that I already know what I have/wish for.
That is, I have (have is the term used @Wishberg)  a Macbook Pro and an iPad – so the logical extension would be an iPhone (5).
How should Wishberg know that?  Start somewhere. That is, start with ‘what do you own’ and then start suggesting products based on that (right now, it’s a plain vanilla interface). You also get a sense of a person’s taste/interest based on what they own. Right?

Plus, End somewhere. That is, a wish can have a deadline (“I want to purchase an iPhone 5 on Dec 10th”) – i.e. make it actionable and ‘useful’ to the user.

Question to Wishberg team : Do you want wishes/haves to be navigational in nature? (that is a discovery moment)?

#3. Facebook integration
I am not sure if Wishberg is mining what its (Facebook) users are saying. Maybe, Wishberg should start defining wishes as the number of times, one shares product info (pics/links) on Facebook? I don’t know the right answer – but for sure, product can go beyond Facebook login integration for it to create a social graph.

#4. Categorization
Search vs Navigation is a debatable topic and maybe, Wishberg team needs to revisit sub categories – is Royal Enfield a City Bike, a Super Bike or a Touring bike? I drive one in the city (mainly) – so which sub category shall I click to add the product to my ‘have list’ (it’s not present in ‘Touring bike’ category).

#5. Why not enable product addition?
So I believe, Royal Enfield isn’t present in any of the categories. And that’s fine because Wishberg team is not (mainly) targeting Indian users – but how about enabling users to add products?

After all, what I ‘have’ and ‘wish’ need not be part of the overall Wishberg DB (unless its damn exhaustive). And enabling this feature will also result in a discovery moment for Wishberg team, right?

In fact, restricting the product list is a killing decision as you never know which geography/user segment will pick up the product and start using it (maybe, college kids will use it? maybe housewives?)

Bonus pt #6: Lessons from Shelfari

One of the products that made it big in this domain (of creating wishlists) was Shelfari. The reason why it went viral was because of the *user connect* it had established – i.e. of passionate book lovers. Being in a niche domain worked for them – so maybe targeting a small set of passionate users will be a great start?

In terms of current traction, Wishberg has over five-digit users (with 500+ close knit early adopters) and is growing steadily. What about call-to-action, now that users have added their wishlists. Affiliate money? Cofounder, Pravin shares that Wishberg will not do any affiliate marketing and instead will enable offline transactions.

Do give Wishberg a spin and share your comments/feedback with the team. What’s your wishlist for them?

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