Socialdealfactory : The Deal Marketing Platform for Retailers [Social Commerce]

Socialdealfactory is a platform that allows retailers to create, manage and analyze their “Deals / Offers” across multiple social networks and the retailers website in real time.sdf

At the core, Socialdealfactory offers “Deal Builder”, a set of utilities that enable retailers to create and push deals on Facebook page. But the real meat lies in analytics it offers to retailers. For each deal you push, SocialDealFactory will tell you the number of Facebook likes, Fan pageviews, Deal views etc. Also, at any point you can get a list of users who have downloaded a particular deal. This helps you manage and appreciate better the users who have availed your Deal.

In essence, a very well implemented use case of Social commerce. On being asked what’s the thought process behind the product, Rohan Dighe – founder of Socialdealfactory shared the following

There were a couple of trends/problems/gaps that we saw in the marketplace

1. We noticed a trend in retailers engaging more and more with their customers online via FB pages, Twitter and others.
2. The downturn in the economy fueled the appetite of consumers to get “Deals”. Retailers more than often obliged as it was a good bait to attract customers who otherwise would hold on to their purses.
3. Deal a day sites / Voucher sites are conflicted as they have to balance their own interest with the interest of the retailers.  Any boost they provide is short term and does not lead to long term engagement
4. Facebook / Twitter provide a good platform but do not directly enable commerce – retailers needed a outlet more than just status updates / tweets to engage their audience.

Having analyzed / watched the trends over a couple of years we felt that there was a gap in the market for product that can launch deals for retailer in matter of minutes. We felt such a product would attract marketers/small business owners as it delivers instant measurable results and doesn’t require battling for any in house IT resources.

As far as monetization plans are concerned, Socialdealfactory sells subscription plans to retailers. Retailers have the option to either pay a monthly subscription fee or have a PAYG (pay-as-you-go) model for the use of our product. The current subscription model offers 3 primary plans Basic ($24.99), Standard ($49.99) and Premium ($99.99) and a Custom plan for users who need something more. A PAYG model is suitable for retailers who only wish to launch Deals on specific occasions or only a few times a year.

How Socialdealfactory Works

Watch this intro video:

Currently, SocialDealFactory is being used by,, Faaso’s, Sheepstop etc and in order to close the loop, the startup is launching its B2C product called DealTadka within the next few months.

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