Are you a social media manager who finds it difficult to manage the different social media platforms you need to? A large enterprise wishing you could customise your the editorial workflows, groups and teams? A Bhilai institute of technology graduate, Sumit Ghosh has developed a new social media management platform to cater to these issues.


This is Sumit’s second startup after Globussoft, a Bhilai based digital marketing company that claims to earn upto Rs 2 million in revenues every year.

The Socioboard platform was developed when Sumit discovered that his friend a social media managment expert wanted to manage all his social accounts on one platform and measure social engagement levels with each.

The platform was launched in May 2013 claims that its USP is that its open-source and completely customisable to organisations’ needs as well.

What Does Socioboard Do?

Socioboard works like typical social media management tools do and helps observe fan engagement and increase ROI. It lets users integrate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ with it. Using Socioboard, users can:

  • schedule posts

  • manage multiple accounts

  • launch social media campaigns

  • receive fan analytics and

  • manage customer relations

Apart from this, Socioboard also lets its users track keywords, personalise rank sheets, get a consolidated user/friend rank sheet and also personalise this.

There are two versions of the open source model available – the lite and advanced. It uses a unified smart inbox to streamline engagement, social CRM tools to share customer records and other customer support features like tasks and helpdesk integration.


Socioboard is available in 4 versions with a business model associated with each, says Sumit.

  • SaaS version: targeted at freelance social media consultants at an effective price point

  • Open source community version.

  • White label agency version – for one time implementation by large agencies, available for a yearly maintenance fee.

  • Enterprise version: for large enterprises who need a customisable product to  help with workflows, distributed teams and multiple groups contributing the social media content

How is Socioboard Different from Other SMMs?

Social media management tools are not a new concept. Platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Viral Heat and others are popular tools used by most brands.

 “We didn’t want to be a me-too product in this crowded marketplace.Brands, Agencies and Enterprises will spend a lot of money in generating social media content and they need a scalable and robust Social media Content Management System for that, and we believe open source in the way to achieve that,” says Sumit.

Socioboard want to be the WordPress and Magento of social media content management, says Sumit.  Socioboard is an Apache certified open-source tool.

Open-source in a social media management tool is an interesting proposition. But does it really make a difference to a brand if a tool is open source or not?



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