SoCXO : Content Curation Meets the CXOs.

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SoCXO : Content Curation Meets the CXOs.

A whole lot of content is being (re)produced on the web every day. To give you an idea, every minute 278,000 tweets are added to the web and that precisely means a deep struggle between signal and noise.socxo

And more so, if you are a business user who is keen to grab insights beyond the mainstream publications.

Enters SoCXO.

SoCXO simplifies sharing of curated content for business users and help them derive maximum value out of their social networks. SoCXO is different from the existing apps in the market for two reasons.

1) Apart from standard RSS feeds, SoCXO offesr “Blurbs” – an exclusive offering in which the team manually curates content based on user interests, create a custom four liner capturing the essence of the article.

2) The sharing of content is much more intuitive. The user can edit the title and description to add her views before publishing into social networks.

SoCXO attempts to solve a hidden incentive of CXOs – be in the know of recent developments/news and use that to impress the world around!


But isn’t it competing with social papers like or the big daddy, i.e. Flipboard? Here is a QnA with SoCXO team:

1. Given that Flipboard is now also available on web, a lot of users will prefer an app like that. How do you differentiate from that?

Flipboard has a lot of users (56 million +) already and is an excellent tool for consuming content. For curating it, you need to put in significant time and effort. In the case of SoCXO, we do the manual curation on your behalf while leaving some room for customization. SoCXO is platform independent; you can curate your content and publish to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for now (and other networks later) in the simplest way possible, whereas Flipboard helps you curate content in the form of magazines or channels for others to subscribe to.

SoCXO also offers users the option to subscribe for custom content (blurbs today and blogs / ghost posts tomorrow) Considering the differing value propositions, we bank on a lot of users not automatically preferring an app such as Flipboard. And, have you tried signing up for Flipboard on the web? They have messed that part up! (at least, for now!)

2. Plus, how do you differentiate SoCXO from a social newspaper (like

SoCXO focuses on a niche market. It is meant for a Business executive, with channels such as Industries, Professional Development and Personal Development (the scope will widen in the days to come, with the focus on TG intact). is complex. The user has to first create a paper, has to know what to subscribe to and what not to – an aspect that is generally painful for both the not-so-savvy users and the ones who can’t afford to spend the time. What is the tradeoff then? Customization, to an extent. People have other work to do (save for the social media agencies / ones whose primary task is to handle social media) and curating content shouldn’t suck too much time and effort. We are betting on users foregoing customization (to an extent) to save time and effort.

You need 3 clicks to share and 4 to schedule (via Buffer) in It takes 2 clicks to do it in SoCXO. As of now, we don’t offer complex scheduling options and we realized through our research that for individuals, most of the scheduling happens for the active day.

2. What’s your TG? Geography focus (from product adoption point of view)?

Business Executives – Individuals. USA and India.

3. How do you manually curate content (blurbs)?

We have built a backend system that helps in the process of the production of blurbs and the information flow. We work with online content experts (not domain experts,yet) (inhouse & freelance) to write and edit custom content.

The startup has more than 100 users using the product. In terms of future plans, the company will integrate with other social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) and wants to enable users to strategize their online persona in an intuitive way.

Given the niche audience that SoCXO is targeting, the app should be a premium one and be seen as an extended magazine that CXOs can use.

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