Software Piracy in India Drops, But Companies still lost $2.7Bn

As per a report by BSA-IDC Global software piracy study, piracy in India has dropped by 68%, but companies (like Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk etc) have still lost $2.7Bn.

Globally, the piracy has gone up to 41% and worldwide losses grew upto $53 Billion.

According to an economic impact study of software piracy conducted and published by IDC last year, in India, reducing software piracy by ten percentage points over a four year period could generate an additional 43,000 new jobs, US$3.1 billion in economic growth, and US$200 million in tax revenues.

Interestingly, the lowest-piracy countries are the US, Japan, New Zealand, and Luxembourg, all near 20 percent. And the highest-piracy countries are Armenia, Bangladesh, Georgia, and Zimbabwe, all over 90 percent!!

What software companies need to realize?

Piracy is directly linked to countries economic power and that essentially means, people who can’t afford to buy such costly softwares resort to piracy – It’s time companies learn some lessons from  Star Wars Book and ColdPlay experience, especially when they want to target emerging economies.

What’s your take on piracy story? It’s time we elect government which promotes open source?

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Download the research studies (pdf)

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