Solar Energy in India – Gujarat to host World’s Largest Plant, India’s grand plans..and more

Gujarat government has signed a MoU with Clinton Foundation to build the world’s largest solar-power plant in the region. The 3,000-megawatt plant near the border between India and Pakistan would be one of four planned by the initiative, a William J. Clinton Foundation program to promote renewable energy. The other proposed sites are in California, South Africa, and Australia.

Of all the Indian state governments, Gujarat has taken bold steps towards ‘solarizing’ the state – the government is even offering 25-year fixed-rate tariff contracts, and 35,000 sq. km. area of Thar Desert has been set aside for solar power projects.

55% subsidy on Solar Installations for Homes and Offices

Indian government, plans to provide 55% subsidy on solar power installations for homes and offices, according to a senior government official. The subsidy will come from the $22bn (£13.4bn) that the federal government plans to budget for solar power development to 2030.

Government also plans to convert 10,000 villages which do not have electricity into solar-powered settlements 2012, by diverting a part of of the subsidy spent on fossil fuel to renewable energy.

Moser Baer to setup Solar Project

Moser Baer India is is developing a 1 MW solar power project in Chandrapur district. When completed, it will be one of the largest solar projects in the world using the latest thin film technology. (source)

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