All About Solar Mobile Phone Chargers


All About Solar Mobile Phone Chargers

The new great investment to make is solar mobile phone chargers. With their ability to eliminate the need of standard chargers and wall outlets, along with preserving the environment, picking one of these devices up can be of huge value and use.

The simplicity of this product and incredible benefit it provides for people in charging a cell phone anywhere is priceless. Whether someone is stranded, camping, or out of wall outlets, a solar cell phone charger can make all the difference.

Until the past few years, the sun has been overlooked in the ability to produce energy for devices and anything requiring electricity. However, with the invention of solar panels and other solar devices, solar cell phone chargers have joined the group also.

The process in which these solar phone chargers produce and transfer energy is very simple. These devices absorb sunlight which makes energy, which is transferred to cell phones and other compatible electronic devices.

For those requiring a cell phone charge at nighttime, there are storage units available that can hold deposits of energy until they are needed.

Producing kilowatts through electricity costs money, and by eliminating electricity usage, there is money to be saved. This is where solar cell phone chargers come into the picture.

With the average charge of a Razr cell phone that requires two hours of charging at 0.06 kilowatts per hour, the cost is very small. Unfortunately, people tend to leave their chargers plugged into the outlet throughout the day and night, sometimes never taking time to unplug the electricity draining charger.

By utilizing solar cell phone chargers, the potential of wasting electricity and money is eliminated because the standard chargers can be stored away.

Depending on the wattage of the solar cell phone charger, to fully charge a cell phone can take anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours. Because every phone is different in terms of battery life and charger times, there is an equation that can determine the time it takes by using information for the specific cell phone.

Taking both amperes per hours and dividing the number for the battery by the charger, and then multiplying by an additional ten percent will equal the hours required for a full charge.

From busts to stars, the range of quality in solar cell phone chargers is quite heavy. As far as top quality goes, the iSun, Portable Solar Charger, and the Solio Classic all are worthy investments for their cost, features and efficiency.

Before purchasing any solar mobile phone charger, make sure to research online and find real reviews from people that have used the products of interest to ensure purchases made are worthwhile.

The waste from manufacturers making green solar chargers is not determined by the actual production, but by the quality and value that the products being made provide. For the horrible solar cell phone chargers that don’t get bought, they go to waste. But there are companies that make great solar cell phone chargers that produce no waste.

Also, because their products are being used, they are preventing waste by utilizing the sun to produce energy. All in all, solar cell phone charger investments depend on whether the products are high in quality or not, because a complete dud can lead straight to the dumpster.

[Guest article by Valery Bowen. Valery writes for a non commercial blog focused on his energy efficient story to help people understand how and why they should save energy starting from small devices. He writes on Solar Cell Phone Chargers to help people learn how to consume less energy from the scratch and then apply those experience to the next level.]

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