Solar Tablet, I-Slate Being Tested in Rural India

Children in Rural India are deprived of basic facilities and while the $35 Tablet takes its own sweet time for rollout, the challenge of electricity will still be one to solve.

You have a tablet (the $35 Tablet), but you’d need electricity to charge the same, a service available to very few in rural India.

And now, students are testing I-Slate, a solar-powered tablet PC developed by Rice University and Singapore’s Nanyang Tech University.i_slate

Designed in conjunction with the Villages for Development and Learning Foundation (ViDAL), the I-Slate device is the first of a series of electronic notepads built with a sustainable, low-energy-consumption microchip.

Early prototypes, which run on solar power from panels like those in handheld calculators, were first tested in August by students 10 to 13 years of age.[source]


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