Some Data to Wake You Up From Your Twitter Facebook Dream

Everyone’s trying very hard to get more followers on Twitter and more Facebook Fans, in the hope of getting more visitors for the content they post. Before you set your next social media strategy, we’ve got some random data points to set your expectations right.

1. TechCrunch posted an ad in its twitter stream back in March. Of the 1.3 Mn followers that they have on twitter only 995 have clicked on it till date. While the post mentioning the ad itself got 544 Retweets and the ad was retweeted ~40 times.

2. My last post on Google’s Franchise was Retweeted ~70 times but in total it got only ~40 clicks through twitter. I tracked all the Retweets and about 60 of them were from Bots. Although each of these bots had 100-2K followers but got almost no click.

Both these go on to show the unacceptable dominance level of Bots on twitter and the value of each tweet. Probably now you can as well make a guess of how many Blog Retweets are actually by humans. The larger the blog, the ratio of bot retweets are higher. No use being happy about 1000’s of followers when most of them are through auto follow scripts.

twitter ad
Virgin Atlantic ad in twitter search results. What is the Real value of Each Tweet Ad?

I did similar tracking on FaceBook as well. Here is some raw data:

1. Posted content through a fake profile (of a sexy girl) with 1400 friends. Total clicks only ~50. I tried posting tech. content, news content, viral content and content with obscene titles; in all cases number of clicks were between 40-60.

2. Similarly, the status stream of Facebook Fanpages get only about 2% users’ attention. Information Overload!

So, is your social network account really meant for posting blog feeds in HOPE of it getting ReTweeted? Isn’t it time you thought about your social media strategy and use social media in more human way and not auto feed.

I guess the redundancy of twitter followers has given us a chance to be happy about quantity instead of quality. And everybody just loves tracking it.

Got similar data to share?

Do follower/fan numbers matter?

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[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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