Sony Tries to Get on your Wrist with SW2


Sony Tries to Get on your Wrist with SW2

With rumors of smartwatches set to be launched by Google and Apple, other companies don’t want to be left behind. Sony which already had a smartwatch has just released the second version of it titled SmartWatch 2 (stylized as SW2) as it looks to fend  off competitions from upcoming smartphones as well as existing players such as Pebble.

The smartwatch will have a bigger, denser display and a more a revised software suite that sort of mimics Sony’s Android phones, when compared with Sony’s first generation smartwatch and will come with embedded NFC.

Taking inspiration from the Xperia phone, the watch looks like a tiny smartphone with Android-style capacitive navigation buttons and the side-mounted power control.


The Transflective LCD screen is 1.6 inches with a resolution of 220×176. It will be a full touchscreen unlike most of its competitors.

The watch is also partially waterproof and will take usual splashes but cannot be submerged for long times.

The inclusion of NFC is an interesting feature as Sony hopes you will pair your SW2 with a phone via an NFC tap. Other smartwatches use Bluetooth technology to link the phone and smartwatch.

There are built-in apps call answering and rejecting, a call log and missed call notification, text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Calendar, weather alerts, a news aggregator, and a remote music player.Sony claims theer are already over 200 apps present for the phone and an API will be released for developers to make more apps.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is all set to be available in September  but a price was not announced.

While the opinion is out whether there is a mass market for smartwatches, it will be interesting to see which direction wearable tech is heading in.

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