Soon JustDial Will Be An Internet Company; Should They Worry?


Soon JustDial Will Be An Internet Company; Should They Worry?

Calling JustDial an Internet company is contentious. But it won’t so be for long.

The company which listed at the bourses in April, served nearly 364 million search requests out of which 182.6 million were from Internet searches and 41.9 million was from Mobile Internet. Over 139 million voice searches were received and .9 million text message searches were received by the company.

Internet & Mobile contributed to 62% of total search requests as compared to 54% last year. Just Dial’s primary revenue source is paid campaigns through advertisers and it grew 21% compared to last year. The business listing service had over 200,000 paid ad campaigns running in the year.

Revenues of Justdial went up 36% to Rs 376.3 cr for the year ending March 2013, as compared to the previous year. The company posted profits of Rs 68.4 cr, up 35% year on year.
Just Dial: An Internet Company in The Making
Just Dial: An Internet Company in The Making

Should Justdial Worry?Justdial Plumb

In Internet search world, Google is king. But should Justdial worry? Not as yet. But one can’t say that forever. Google also provides local business services and many businesses are now listed on Google maps. Say for instance, if you search for a plumber in Bangalore, JustDial’s paid advertisement comes first and then a bunch of listings on Google maps. After that, comes the JustDial listing (probably requires users to scroll). The quality of Google’s listings compared to JustDial are debatable.

Over the years, JustDial has become the go to destination for such queries and businesses generate quite a lot of leads from JustDial listings. That gives them an incentive to keep paying JustDial and keep their information updated on the site. What really works in favor of JustDial is that it has become a destination site in itself. It wouldn’t be surprising if majority of people who used the Internet to search for local services went directly to Just Dial and gave Google a miss.

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