Sort and Do More with Gmail Attachments Using MetisMe

One of the feature that Gmail hasn’t yet implemented is sorting – not just sorting thru’ email, but sorting attachments and making them more discoverable.

Mumbai based startup, MetisMe has launched Gmail Attachments Management System that stacks all your Gmail attachments at one place and helps you find and manage them in the most hassle-free manner – all right inside your Gmail application.


Metisme features include:

  • Attachments Stack and ability to search to quickly locate your attachments.
  • Upload attachments from multiple emails to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote in one go right from within the Gmail
  • Forward OR Download attachments from multiple emails in one go.
  • Identify and delete those large space-clogging mails (aside, you can use operator like size:<size>m to search for attachment size).

Once you install the Chrome plugin, the service will create Attachment label for you to easily view all the email attachments. The service is quite unobtrusive and works as-expected (though creating attachment label takes quite a while). For example, when you search for anything in Gmail (works for Google apps accounts as well), the attachments tab shows the number of matching attachments, intelligently associating your search to the relevant files.

You can also create new rules that let you send attachments to specific folder in cloud drives like Dropbox/Evernote/Google Drive.

The service is currently in closed beta but NextBigWhat readers can access the product using this url. Do give MetisMe a spin and share your comments.

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