Soundice Lets You Listen to All Your Favorite Tunes Ad Free


Soundice Lets You Listen to All Your Favorite Tunes Ad Free

One of my favorite pass times is listening to music online and the place I usually head to is YouTube. Not only because it contains almost all the songs but also because I can watch the music videos.  But the problem is, search is not the best experience and I end up with unrelated videos being thrown in my face. While that is sort of tolerable what I can’t stand are the ads.

There are a couple of web services which help you skip these things, and we have covered two of them –  Yougle and FMGem – before and found them to be excellent but with the user interface lacking. A similar service called Soundice by a duo from Poland seems to have solved that issue. The team has spent over a year on designing and developing the website.

Soundice is a music player application accessible via the web browser, that users can use for free, without any limits and in-ads. It has readymade radio chart playlists and also gives you a way to create your own. Perfect for queuing up music for a long day.

The site itself is very fast and responsive. The search functions works like a charm and sorts out results by songs, artists, playlists and also users. You can add songs directly from here into your playlist queue.


Like other music services, Soundice also allows you to save your favorite artists, songs and playlist so you need not search later.

One issue that some users might have is that since it relies on video to play music, there may be some amount of buffering involved but users can choose the quality from 240p to 1080p  by using the gear icon. In future this will be done automatically.

The project was developed by Hubert Kowalczyk, who is the UX/UI designer and Marcin Sadowski who handles the programming for the website.

In future, the developers plan to introduce more languages, add more radio listings and also add music channels based on genres/styles, like 80’s, POP, Metal, HIP-HOP, Love, Classic, etc.

They are also working on a music recommendation engine which will suggest artists you might like.

While you can presently share playlists and also have your own profile pages, the site is looking at building a community of people that want to listen to music and share favorite songs/playlists with others so that there is interaction between users over time.

They also plan to release mobile dedicated and SmartTV applications soon.

So if you’re in the mood for some Doors, Coldplay or Beatles, head on over to Soundice and sit back and relax to your favorite tunes.

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