The Sourcebits Story – How a Radiologist Built an App Business

Sourcebits is one of the leading app development company and founder, Rohit Singal shared the Sourcebits story at Appnomy conference.

Here are a few highlights from Rohit’s talk:

– Medical Career Vs…App Business: I spent 10 years in medicine. I wasn’t enjoying my medical career and after post-graduation, I was using computer for diagnosis and there was a requirement for archiving images. I pitched the same solution to my university, they bought the solution (while I was studying) and with that money, I started Sourcebits (April 2006) immediately after finishing my post-graduation.

First 6 months: There was no revenue in the first 6 months of starting Sourcebits.

– I had no clue about hiring engineers/asking them the right question. I didn’t know how to write offer letter. All I knew was that I was passionate about the app business.

Earned $3,000 from the first app (FunBooth) sale – that was Sourcebits’ first revenue since starting up. From that app, we now earn $10,000/month!

Focus on design: We give a lot of emphasis to design. In the early days, I gave almost 60% of company revenue to 1 person – the designer!

– I had no contacts practically and didn’t know a lot of people in the IT industry. The only way for me to get noticed was to build products, which people can talk about.

Watch the entire video for the UnPluggd version of Sourcebits story (do subscribe to’s Youtube channel: TheUnPluggd).

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