Make your Memories Talk with pikSpeak [App Review]

pikSpeak allows you to add live background audio to an image. It is the only app on the App Store which allows you to add 20 audio effects and filters.

pikSpeak-lgoThey say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well those were regular pictures, nowadays with smartphones, developers are trying to add ways to make pictures livelier. First they added filters to let users enhance images and now they are adding features which allow you to add rich tags, interactive elements and even sound to pictures. It is no surprise that Instagram added short video clip sharing.

A new entrant to the field is pikSpeak, an iOS app. At present, pikSpeak only allows you to add live background audio to an image. You can’t take a picture and add audio later. The audio can be up to 15 seconds. This gives a true sense of the moment the image was captured.

While there are other similar apps, it is the only app on the App Store which allows you to add 20 audio effects and filters. Similar to other image apps it comes with an image editor which allows you to enhance your image with filters, frames, stickers, text etc.


pikSpeak also does not have an internal social network (Thank god!). It allows you to share to existing social network like Facebook and Twitter easily, and also with a link which opens in any browser. pikSpeak does not convert the files to a video so the file size is limited, and is just 10% more than the actual picture size.

The app uses Flash content for in-stream sharing. As of now in-stream support is live on Facebook (you can check out a sample here). The developers have approached Twitter and are hoping they can incorporate this feature there soon. You can also easily embed the images on any website with an embeddable iFrame code snippet.

The app was developed by three IIT graduates, Rahul, Keval and Anugrah who have settled in Bangalore.

While they plan to keep most of the features free, the way they plan to earn some revenues is by limiting the cloud storage per user and charging a fee for the extra space.

There is an Android version present in the Play Store at present but the features are quite limited and we don’t recommend you download it. The developers say that they plan to remove it and relaunch the Android app which will be on par with the iOS app soon. They also plan to add more audio tools to further simplify audio editing and also add support to share multiple images in one go.

So next time you’re at a birthday party, the picture of the cake cutting can be captured with the laughter of children or at a beach, you can get the sound of the waves hitting the shores. This will definitely add more value to any picture while preserving the memory.

Do check out a sample below of Bangalore Traffic!

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