Special Cellphone Number That Spell World Cup [New Concept]

Yes, you’ve read right. A telephone number CAN spell a word.
A telephone number that spells World Cup could be worth a million or two (or even more) Rupees. It is possible that there are 30 cell phone numbers in India that spell the phone word World Cup(examples: 71 96753287, 72 96753287, 85 96753287, etc.). Of these 30 numbers, some are active and some are still offline in the cell phone networks. Could one of your readers/listeners be one of this fortunate individuals? What will the cellphone companies do with the numbers in their possession that spells World Cup?
A cell phone word – also known as a smart number – is a brand new concept for smart phones and normal phones. Instead of dialling a number, you dial a word such as 7 Bollywood (7 265599663), 9 Tendulkar (9 836385527) or 777 Roobina (777 7662462).
The dialling of a phone word works exactly the same as dialling a normal telephone number, instead of dialling the 3 just dial the ‘f’ (only once), instead of the 8 just dial the ‘t’ (only once) etc, etc. therefore, it is similar to typing a sms/text message except that you only type the f, t, etc, only once.
Using the QWERTY keypad on a smart phone to call a phone word, for example 9 Tendulkar, you type 9, press and hold down the “alt” key while typing in the word ‘tendulkar’. Press the dial button and the phone automatically dials 9 836385527. Your smart phone will also save and display the number as 9 Tendulkar and not as an actual number.

Very few people are aware that smart phones have this feature specifically to phone & display smart numbers efficiently.

A smart number is so much more than just a regular cell phone number. It is easier to remember (up to 14 times easier than a normal number), it builds your brand and it is made for smart phones where people and small business run their businesses & lives on their phones. Cell phone numbers could spell the name of your business, business concept, first name or the name of your favourite sports team.
Other examples of phone words are:

777 Roobina 9 Tendulkar 89 Adishree 77 Computer
777 7662462 9 836385527 89 23474733 77 26678837
987 Kashmir 77 Shahrukh 7 Bollywood 707 Painter
987 5274647 77 74247854 7 265599663 707 7246837

Phone words have been around in America for ± 40 years. About 11 years ago, when SMS/texting started, it ‘jumped’ to Australia and two years ago phone words started taking off in South Africa, although 99% in the form of toll-free and share-call landline numbers. This model of communication though is immobile and archaic for many individuals and small businesses on the go.
In the era of smartphones, it has become standard practice for people to receive their emails and countless other information feeds via applications on their phones. Why then should a personalised number (smart number) have to go to a land / fixed line when it can go to mobile?

‘Which cellular operator will awaken this sleeping giant and be the first to introduce this smart technology into India?’
In the era of smart phones, the ultimate accessory is a personalised/catchy/smart number. Can you imagine the positive impact a personalised cell phone number can have on your business, and social life?
Phone words proved a highly effective concept in Australia and enabled companies there to prosper, grow their business and contribute to job creation.
Two platforms have been created for cell phone words in South Africa and the UK respectively at http://www.phonewords.co.za and http://www.phonewords.uk.com . Phonewords.uk.comfeatures interesting cell phone numbers such as 0780Chelsea, 0755Arsenal, 0777England, 0765Plumber, and 078Carports.
What’s more is that there is the possibility that phone words can be trademarked by businesses to protect the marketing of products and services to key audiences.
India has 3 billion possible cell phone numbers (being a high population country). It is a massive untapped market which prompts the question: ‘Which cellular operator will awaken this sleeping giant and be the first to introduce this smart technology into India?’

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