Spelling Success Over The Internet [How To Sell Music Online – Updated]

A lot of our readers loved the interview with Raghu Dixit. Not often do we see the journey of a musician as an entrepreneur – and get this close to an artist to see the world inside out. I mean do we really appreciate the risk-taking capacity of a person who bets it all only to pursue a passion – in this instance music? And all this without a business plan in place!

All that there is to it is talent, tenacity and a ‘never say die’ attitude.

I felt mesmerized with most of what Raghu Dixit shared about his success & about music industry in general. It is an example of his passion and perseverance when he says ‘he has a look-out of at least 6-7 years on the horizon (after 08 years stint already) for his first success’! But guess what, I kind of disagree with that. IMHO six seven years for the ultimate success, is perhaps an under-utilization of the options available.

For two reasons:

  1. You never know when lady luck will shine on you.
  2. There is raw power on the Internet. Difficult to tap, but exponential in many ways.

So here is an example to connect the dots. About 5 hours back, it happened on Reddit – a website where News Before It Happens, or something like that. A talented kid named Watsky, and his roommate dropped a WTF post about this RAP video on YouTube:

Now this is a really smart move by the young kid, with a decent talent on RAP. He nicely packaged his video and posted it on YouTube. And then he cross posted it on Reddit, linked it back to his facebook profile etc. and bang! 600 comments as of writing this post, over two thousand views [About 75,000 views in less than 18 hours] to start off and, well pretty good headstart on a career at RAP music. Isn’t it?

Similarly there are plenty of ways of getting the attention over the web, and then possibly monetize. Read how to play with Twitter Hashtags or may be about Ted William – the man with Golden voice. Look closely on how Internet can be your friend and may be somehow you will figure out your mojo to success on a shorter time-frame.

Of course this depends on how one positions success, but what’s the harm in exploring? And this applies to tech entrepreneurship equally well, isn’t it Pi readers?

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