Spice Mobile Bundles ibibo, Email2SMS in it’s VAS Enabled Phone


Spice Mobiles Ltd. has launched Spice S-940, a VAS-enabled mobile phone.

Priced @ Rs. 5,999, Spice Mobile is bundled with:

  • Ibibo: A customized mobile version of Ibibo.
  • Email2Sms: The service allows users to access their emails via SMS, without having to pay for the Internet.
  • MGurujee: For content related to IIT-JEE, CAT and other competitive exam aspirants.

Bundling is the next wave for content providers/mobile companies – MySpace now bundled with Virgin Mobile, Rocketalk comes preloaded in LG phones etc.

But what’s interesting is embedding push mail services in the phone – without any mandatory GPRS connectivity.

Is this the future?

What’s your opinion?

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