Honesty Hits the Cloud [And Your Personal Data is For Sale]

Everybody sells your personal data (in some form) – right from Google to your mobile operator. But very few admit it.

SpiceJet, in a momentary lapse of reason has an interesting (and super honest) disclaimer on the site registration page.


“Legal jargon about how we’re going to sell your personal information to our travel partners”

If you wanna see for yourself, first hop to this link, create a (dummy) login/password and in the next page, scroll towards the bottom.

Apart from the fact that its just a (silly) mistake, this is also a reminder about how comfotably companies sell personal data without informing users of the same (Spicejet is an exception though! ).

The email newsletter checkbox is by default checked and a typical consumer won’t care about unchecking it – so they share name/email id/phone number/address/fax number without knowing that the email newsletter is actually a hook to sell his/her personal data to partners (after all, it’s just a damn legal jargon to get access to your data).

And all this, while the user is booking a ticket from the site.So much so for trust (in Indian eCommerce services).

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[Hat tip: Arun Jay ]

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