No more squabbles, settle bills easily with BillPin


It is often said never lend money to a friend, unless you want to lose that money forever or worse the friend itself. Keeping tracking of money is often a big hassle and takes away precious time that could otherwise be put to better use elsewhere.

BillPin, a new app hopes to solve that very problem. “Don’t you find it annoyingly difficult to split group expenses between multiple people? Often, we don’t have to means to pay friends back immediately, and I hate it when I forget that I owe someone money,” says Darius Cheung, the founder and CEO of BillPin. Those thoughts are echoed by thousands.

The BillPin app is an easy way to split restaurant bills or even rent among friends and roommates. BillPin can keep a track of how much someone owes you and how much you owe someone. This app is also one of the easiest ways to split group expenses.

The service is available as apps for Android and iOS, as well as online.

Quick Review

BillPin on iOS
BillPin on iOS

The first thing one will notice with this app is its clean interface. The iOS app follows the iOS guidelines while the Android app has been designed keeping the Holo theme in mind.

One can begin using the app by signing up either with Facebook or by using an email address. It uses your contacts to find friends and if it does not find the one you are looking for, you can easily add it along with an email address.

When pinning a bill, one has two options. The first is Pin a friend, where a bill or expense is shared between two people. The second is Shared bill, where group expenses can be added and split.
When adding expenses one can either chose whether he owes money or if money is owed to him, or can add a short description. The other person is then notified by email.

Bill Pin on Android
Bill Pin on Android

In the Shared bill section, after entering the total amount and among who the expense is shared, one will get the option to either split the bill equally or to divide the expenses. This is a great option in cases like when a group is out drinking and someone has beer after beer while another just sips on a cold drink all night.

The expenses are then totally up and one can easily see how much you owe and how much is owed to you. Once an expense is settled one can easily mark it as done.

The experience on both the Android and iOS app was flawless in the testing we did, and the notification emails arrived almost immediately.

One issue that we did face was that the app supported expenses only in dollars. Imagine seeing a $500 bill for lunch to be shared among two!! We hope the developers add support for more currencies soon.

Check out the video below, which quickly explains the features of BillPin.

We can definitely see ourselves using this app to settle bills and definitely think that you should also give it a go, and as BillPin says it will probably keep all our “friendships squabble free”.

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