Plussing Tweets? [Google’s Biggest +Failure]

When Google India went crazy with promoting Google Plus using SRK as a brand ambassador (well, almost!), I raised an important question about the longevity of such partnership and importantly, if Google+ is being marketed way too early in the product lifecycle (tell me what’s one BIG USP of the product vis-à-vis Facebook or Twitter].

This is what I wrote

Few years back when BigAdda was at its spending best, they partnered with Rock-on movie and ‘tried’ getting the crew to share/talk about the movie on BigAdda. You know what happened? The entire RockOn team was conversing on Facebook and not on BigAdda, even though they had an official partnership with the desi social network.

Conversation happens naturally to places and networks which we are used to.

Now coming back to Google Plus, I see the same challenge. SRK is still tweeting more and plussing less.

The Reality of Plus

While it’s a known phenomena that some (maybe all?) celebrities employ social media agencies to tweet on their behalf, but SRK’s social media has gone miles ahead and have started copying tweets directly from SRK’s twitter handle, which I believe is used by SRK himself.


And SRK has now even renamed the handle to “Team SRK”, i.e. outsourced the copy/paste job to a social media agency.

What’s the Big Deal here?

Google tried buying conversation, but this is the damn reality

– If you really want to follow SRK as-he-shares, you should follow him on Twitter.

– If you want to be SRK’s friend, add him on Facebook (or subscribe to public updates).

– If you <fill in the blanks>, add him on Google+.

The challenge is filling those blanks. Why would one add him on Google+? What do I ‘expect’ him to share on the new new social network by Google?

Updates from his social media agency? That’s certainly crap.

And this should be an eye-opener for Google+ team.

If I were the product head of Google+ team, I’d immediately stop all the campaigns and do a rethink of marketing. Is the product sticky enough for people to use it? If not, then something is fundamentally missing in the product.

Moreover, do people find Google+ ‘useful’ enough for them to converse here?

The answer, currently is a BIG NO! Google hasn’t got Plus (points) yet, but this desperation to bring traffic/registered users has dwarfed the long-term goal. And its just not SRK, even Priyanka Chopra has joined Google+ and well, her account is managed by ‘Team PC’.

Talk of mediocrity and Google+ name pops up – so do not be surprised if Google decides to kill Google+ within the next 6-7 months. To me, Google+ doesn’t (yet) has fundamental soul to itself [read: Entrepreneurs : Define What’s Non-Negotiable. Define a Soul.] and is just an interesting case study for entrepreneurs.

What’s your opinion?

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