Freebies are In: Star Wars Book and ColdPlay’s Latest Song For Free Download (legally)

Why has free suddenly become so important? Is free the coolest way to seed WoM/Viral marketing?
Grab these two freebies before we discuss:

a. Star Wars Book available for free download.

In an effort to promote the latest book in the Star Wars “Legacy of the Force” series, Del Ray is giving out book one Betrayal for free as an audio book, eBook, and PDF download. Betrayal, which was a New York Times Bestseller, is the first book in the series and the free download will be available for two weeks until May 13, when the ninth and final book, Invicible, is released [R/WW]

b. Coldplay gives away the latest song – Violet Hill for free

Hop here, enter your email id/zip details and you can download the song for free.

In the past, RadioHead, R.E.M and PennyWise have taken the free route, and:

  • Radiohead Made Up To $10 Million on Initial Album Sales.
  • R.E.M gave away its next album, Accelerate, as an iLike stream for the six days before its April 1 release – enabling users to embed the album in their FB/MySpace page.


Why is free so important, especially in the days of DRM?

  • Because there is no better marketing ploy than giving away the product for free – both R.E.M and Pennywise’s albums cracked the top 15 on the sales charts.
  • Free is viral – otherwise why the eff will I write about star wars book and coldplay here?
  • Free increases awareness.
  • Free kills competition.
  • Free cannot be pirated.
  • Free is cheap – you prevent tons of money on not worrying about DRM, not monitoring who is pirating your work, not hiring lawyers to send legal notices etc.

What do you think? What’s your opinion?

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