NewsReel [ Sep 29th]: Starbucks to arrive in India, Kapil Sibal gifts upgraded Aakash tab to Modi

Here goes the daily Newsreel, tech news from around the world.

– India to get its first Starbucks’s Coffee store in Mumbai, read complete post here. Lets gear up to sip Starbucks in ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ or Not.

– Google has announced that it is retiring AdSense for feeds, read complete post here. After merging Google insight for searches into Google Trends and shutting AdSense for feeds – what’s next?

– Two units of the upgraded version of the Aakash tablet have been gifted to Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi by Kapil Sibal, read complete post here. Well, now Modi needs to write a review about upgraded version on his blog. What you think?

– Facebook sees its share jump by 6 % after introduction of Facebook Gifts, a service that enables users to send real & physical gifts to friends and family, read complete post here. Finally some upward movement in Facebook’s share.

– After announcing free roaming from next year, Telecom ministry instructed telcos to concentrate on charging data rather than on voice calling, read complete post here. Hurray! Seems in future consumers will enjoy free calling.

– Video containing Blackberry 10 L & N series phone leaked on web, read complete post here. Planned or accident?

FedEx has launched TechConnect, a service that aims to repair PCs for enterprise market, read complete post here. Looks like FedEx had learnt a lot while ramping up its own technology.

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