Start a YouTube with $0 and make up to $10,000/month; here’s how

How to make $10,000/month on YouTube in 2023 as a beginner (starting with $0)

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1. Select a niche

For our example, we will use the evergreen niche of relaxation and meditation

People love turning on relaxing music while working, reading or before bed

These videos get crazy amounts of watch time and can make a ton of money

Here’s an example channel:

2. Find Footage

Stock footage is perfect for the relaxation niche

To get footage, search for free video content on sites like:
– Pexels
– Pixabay

Meditation videos can use the same few videos throughout

Here’s what you would search on Pexels:

3. Find Music

Go into the YouTube audio library and sort music by mood

Select “Calm” and listen to the music demos

Select a track that matches your video content

Add in the credits in your video’s description and you’re set!

4. Edit Video

To edit your videos, go to Clipchamp

Import your video and audio files

Edit to match music length to length of video files

Aim to make your videos 24 hours long

5. Monetize

To make $10k/mo on this channel you need to promote an offer

Digital products and affiliate offers work best

Check out sites like Impact Radius or Commission Junction to find offers

Place links to your offers in your videos’ descriptions and pinned comments

Here’s how much a small channel can make:

20,000 monthly views x 2% conversion x $25 product = $10,000

Getting to 20,000 monthly views only takes 4-6 months

That’s the power of YouTube…

Start building your own $10k/mo YouTube channel

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