Startups Launching at the bigMobilityConf 2014 [Part 1]

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Startups Launching at the bigMobilityConf 2014 [Part 1]

The bigMobilityConf 2014 hosted by NextBigWhat is proud to present 10 kickass start-ups that we think are great. Here goes the list of the first five that launched today at the conference.

Chorus Play

1. ChorusPlay: A mobile jukebox for the social spaces.Customers at a venue can discover the music and request/listen to their favorite tracks.Crowd-powered music engagement platform that lets you play the songs of your choice at venues, parties and even at your home. So essentially you control the music where you are.  To download the app click here.


2. Breeze: Offering easy and one touch visual IVR interaction for over 100 companies, Breeze has a solution for your annoying IVR experiences.With Breeze, people can “browse” companies’ IVR instead of “listening”.If you choose to call an option,Breeze “dials all the intermediate” IVR options on behalf of the user. In this way, people don’t have to switch between listening and dialling . To download the app click here.


3. Patterbuzz: If you want to read an article, you necessarily dont have to buy the magazine. You just  need to pay for what you want to read. With this idea in mind, the Patterbuzz is an iPAD app enabling users to discover premium unbundled Indian content and letting them pay only for what they wish to read using micro-payments. You can also read content by independent publishers that are not available in the digital world. To download the app click here.


4. WiGi: WiGi provides social gifting, referrals and promotional API’s for mobile app developers all controlled from the cloud. With app ecosystem overloaded with apps, numerous apps that have potential are unable to reach their target audience organically. WiGi helps solve this by providing a framework to push data and promotions dynamically without changing the code or new app update while being able to measure the effectiveness and engagement level. To know more, click here.


5. Intugine technologies:  A skin-friendly ring shaped device that helps in gesture control in computers, the Nimble works at a distance of 15 feet as well. As soon as you plug in the USB sensor in the computer, your nimble in the hand is ready to go.The product comes with three nimble rings, a USB sensor and a software. To know more, click here.

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