Startups Launching at the bigMobilityConf 2014 [Part 2]

The bigMobilityConf 2014 hosted by NextBigWhat is proudly launching the following start-ups at the conference.

The¬†bigMobilityConf 2014¬†hosted by NextBigWhat is proud to present 10 kickass start-ups that we think are great. The first five startups are here. Here’s the second set of startups that launched today.


6. Xenon automotive: With car owner apps, dealer apps & connected car , real-time engagement for automotive car companies and dealers with the car owners  are  made possible.  The owner engagement with the car is enhanced through the process of discover, design,  engineer and launch. To know more, click here.


7. OutTask: OutTask is a platform that helps you  to manage tasks with other people more efficiently. By  using phone numbers and emails, you can assign tasks to the respective people.  Notifications will be sent  via SMS if you have chosen the option. To download the app, click here. 



8. AirStream: With AirStream, stream media & access files from any device or cloud on your smartphone.You could stream movies, create music playlists,as  long as your PC and  mobile are on the same Wifi network. You can also access multiple cloud boxes like  Dropbox and  Google Drive. To download, click here. 


9. Plash: Plash is a personalized news aggregator delivering the latest news and information from thousands of newspapers, blogs, and magazines. It brings multiple sources together at one place, and formats them for easy reading on mobile devices .The semantic analysis technology allows the user to personalize content based on his specific interests from traditional as well alternate sources. To download, click here.



10. GiftZapp: Essentially, you can send gifts to anyone under a minute through mobile. The receiver can even exchange gifts discreetly or not, through GiftZapp. The payment is flexible as you have a timeframe of upto 72 hours to do it. GiftZapp is a technology platform that powers a managed mobile marketplace for gifting, for users in a socially connected world. To download the app, click here.


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