Starting with a newsletter? Know these 15 marketing tips to grow

Based on 3 years of learning, here are 15 useful & non-obvious tips on how to run & market your newsletter – Hrishikesh Pardeshi

I have been writing newsletters for 3 years now. They have been key to my startup’s marketing & revenue growth. Based on 3 years of learnings, here are 15 useful & non-obvious tips on how to run & market your newsletter. 🧵
1/ Define a clear goal for your newsletter – what value will your subscribers get? Examples: • Insightful content to make you better at remote work. One original article every Wednesday. • Maker Mind is your weekly dose of mindful productivity.
3/ Maintain a consistent routine – time & day of week your subscribers should expect your newsletter Routines work amazing. For instance, Remote Weekly subscribers expect an email every Wednesday around 9AM ET.
6/ Distribute your newsletter across other channels. Examples Canonical + do-follow link: • @RemoteClan • @ThePracticalDev • @hashnode Article links or summary: • @IndieHackers • HackerNews • Reddit
8/ Build your own distribution engine. Make it a habit, don’t rely on your memory to post content across channels. A simple table with a list of channels & checkboxes should suffice.
9/ Follow the golden rule of distribution: 90% distribution, 10% creation. Distribution also includes engaging with & replying to your readers. For instance, @harrydry spent 4 hours posting & 4 hours replying to everyone.
10/ Submit your newsletter to newsletter directories. Examples: • @rad_letters • @inboxreads • @InboxStash • @ForSubscribing
12/ Send a welcome email to all your new subscribers. • Send a personal note • Recommend a few handpicked past issues • Ask them to whitelist your email ID (helps in deliverability) • Ask them to introduce themselves
13/ Make the welcome email as personalised as you can. Sending a personalised welcome mail increases your chance of getting a reply. This in turn: • helps you bond with your reader(s) • improves email deliverability
14/ Optimise your subject line, every single time. It is the only piece of content that affects your open rate.
15/ Clean up your inactive subscribers periodically (once in every 2-3 months). Improves your open rate & email deliverability.

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