April Fools’ Day is upon us, so get ready to either be pranked or stare awkwardly at your screen in the effort to not break down with regret.
On  a more serious note however, this is a great time to gauge how funny the people behind brands really are, so here’s a collection of some of the efforts:

Freecharge BuzzKill – Machar marne ke liya paise miltay hai


Ola Air – Didn’t Uber actually do this?

Google #PACmaps


Google In Reverse


Hookup From Lookup – An app for casual dating/flings [Should have just called it Tinder]


Google Smartbox – Only if Gmail was this intuitive


Amazon Silicone Styler – We mistook it for a digital harmonica


Amazon Biovap Mark III – Turn vegetable peels into sweet smells


Amazon QuickClean – Every bachelors wet dream


Amazon LicId – Wait, what?!


Amazon Exotic – I want a dragon. Do you have a dragon?


Ixigo Loo Finder – This one comes straight out of the toilet


Uber Supercar – Not so fast!

Uber Supercar

InMobi Invests In Craft Breweries – Send us a few crates of said beer, we’ll be happy to “Review” them



OnePlus DR-1 Drone – It isn’t a complete joke though, OnePlus is actually selling a few DR-1 drones, and for Indians there’s a giveaway!


Shopclues Mad Cursor – Made by a bunch of insane people

[P.S. We’ll keep updating the post with more trolls as the day goes by, so head back here soon.]
For brands that can’t decide how to troll their users, head here for a bunch of tips.

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