Everything You Need To Know About The Biggies Awards

The Biggies Awards promises to be a program that brings discovery to an amazing number of startups and importantly, showcase India’s strength to the world!
biggiesawards December 26th is the last day to apply for startup awards and like we have shared earlier, we will be extremely transparent with teh awards and here is the first step – we are sharing the criteria against which we will be evaluating the award nominations.

The Selection Criteria

Each and every awards category will have its own selection criteria. But here is what we will essentially be looking forward to: 
1. Best Bootstrapped Startup Of The Year.
Yes, you are bootstrapped – by choice and NOT because you couldn’t raise money. The most important criteria in this category would be the impact you are creating (to customers), irrespective of the backstory and the challenges you are facing.
2. Best Debut Startup Of The Year
You should have started up in 2014. You are growing and growing massively ! That’s a debut. That’s like hitting sixes in the first ball of your cricket career!
3. Sexy Enterprise Startup Of The Year
Enterprise business is boring – but sexy founders make it sexier ! We are looking for startups who have scaled / shown immense focus irrespective of the challenge they are facing from globoal players.
4. Best Internet Startup Of The Year
Ofcourse, we are looking for companies that have shown great scale which translates to sales/revenue and at the same time a strong focus on building a great product (irrespective of whether you are targeting local or global markets).
5. Categories : Education / Mobile / Healthcare Startup Of The Year
Similar to Enterprise and Internet category, we are looking for path breakers in these categories.
6. Best Overall Startup Of The Year
This is a very special category. The ones that will make it (to the top list/finals) are the companies who have demonstrated great execution, built a world class product and are hungry for more!
7. Coolest (Product) Launch Of The Year
Irrespective of whether you are a startup or a big corporate, we are looking for some of the sexiest and coolest product launch of the year 2014.

NOTE : Except for ‘Bootstrapped Startup Of The Year’ category, all the other categories are also open for companies who have been in business  for few years (irrespective of the incorporation timeline).
We have loosely used the word ’startup’ in awards categories,  but have actually called the awards as BIGGIES Awards (not StartupAwards), celebrating the rising entrepreneurial spirit and making BIGGIES more realistic and a level playing field (for the industry).
Go ahead and apply right away! And yes, you can nominate your favourite startup as well !

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