Startup Dfy Graviti Wants to Make the Idiot Box (and Remote Control) Super Smart with Echo Product

Now that the cable TV is being digitized, the idiot box needs to become more intelligent. If not the idiot box, atleast the remote control needs to evolve.

One such work is being done by Bangalore based startup, DfyGraviti. DfyGraviti is a software plus hardware play and the product, Echo, is a small dongle attached to your set top box, which allows your smartphone to navigate your TV.

The Echo dongle integrates your mobile phone and television so that you can search for a program by title or voice, navigate programs on the phone, get alerts on how much television your kids are watching or pick the right subscription package for you.

Echo : New modes of interaction with Television
Echo : New modes of interaction with Television

The device can be plugged into the USB port of the set top box or the nearest power socket. You then have to install the Echo app from Google Play Store (to be released within few weeks) and here are a few actions you can perform using the Echo:

  • Search for a program by title or voice.
  • Navigate through programs that match your interests.
  • Get alerts on how much time your kids are watching TV
  • Know whether you are having the right subscription package.
  • Receive recommendations of programs for your TV and the Youtube as well.

Echo attempts to mix the two prominent device found in every household- mobile and TV and the app will also provide you program recommendation depending on your areas of interest. The socially integrated app will also have a playlist option i.e users can makes his/her own playlist and view the same over the television.

Watch Dfy Graviti launch at UnPluggd 

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