Startup Disco – Details

Come over guys (and girls!)

Here are the details of startup disco:

When: Friday, May 23rd

Where: Taika pub, Bangalore

How much? Thanks to Yusuf, stags entry is allowed (he did the negotiation), and the entry fee is Rs. 300/ (which otherwise is 500/)

Timing? 6:30 PM onwards

Contact Details: Ashish (98452 06443), Yusuf (9901 172890), Dimaiyah (he is the taika guy).

Why? Because you deserve this! Take time off your busy schedule and meet other entrepreneurs. Celebrate your hard work, perseverance, success, failures and just chill out.
Listen and share interesting VC stories (I need fodder for 😉 )

Confirmation? Not really needed if you have confirmed earlier, but would be great if you confirm again (in this thread) – just to get the exact numbers.
Say Yay in the comment section!

Anything else? Regarding the payment, I can do it on other’s behalf and we divide it equally (and you all “please” pay me back, even if you aren’t funded 🙂 ). If you aren’t fine with this, please feel free to make your individual payments (something which Taika guys want to avoid)

What about other cities? Will announce something next week. so stay

Enough..anything more? Naah, unless you want to share some insights on “web2.0 revenue model” (i.e. after we all are drunk) 😀

Lets get groovy baby!

» Ciaos at Startup Disco!!

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