Startup Disco – Fun, Disco and Details


Startup Disco – Fun, Disco and Details

The first edition (hic!) of startup disco went pretty smooth and as with any event’s first edition, core members did turn up for the event.

We started around 7:30 (massive delay because of the rain and Friday traffic) and left Taika around 12.

People who attended the event :

Prashant, Yusuf, Rajiv, Sujai, Lalit, Kesava, Kallol, Hari and of course, your’s truly.

We had great fun and discussions ranged anything from Indian VC mentality, to how few startups made a fool of themselves in media (and are losing credibility), and how Indian clients sitting in US (i.e. a**ho*les) treat India startups.

Few pics here.

Will talk about this in the next few days! 🙂

One of the major learning was that Taika is not really the perfect place for Startup Disco – way too expensive.

So next time we will move to an affordable place and as far as expanding to other cities are concerned, wait for announcement (another 2-3 days).

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