Startup Disco – Lets Celebrate your Hardwork (and success)

No more “sar-dard-e-disco”!

Welcome to Startup Disco – an idea that popped while having lunch with Yusuf and Rajiv.

Enough of “Meet the VC”, “Demo your Startup” bullshit. Say F.O to all these events and celebrate your own hardwork – @ Startup Disco.

What’s Startup Disco?

As the name says, startups + disco – i.e. lets meet in a pub.. and do what?
Head banging, Dance, Chat, Drink, Bitch about VCs, Share ideas, Find partners and everything that you have been wanting to do.

Most importantly, a break from your busy schedule and a chance to mingle with other entrepreneurs.

More details?

  • When/Where? May 23rd (Friday) at Taika pub, Bangalore
  • Who is going to pay? Well, I’d have loved to pay your bills, but lets keep it very simple (and affordable) for now. Each one of us will pay our own bill (i.e. dutch).
  • What else? If you have questions/comments, leave them in the comment section

2 entrepreneurs are already in for Startup Disco – Yusuf and Rajiv; and if you wanna join the gang, just say Yay in the comment section.


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