You Might Be Bootstrapping But A Diwali Gift Won’t Kill The Startup

I have a friend who works at this MNC. He is generally found cribbing about the company but he hasn’t had the guts to leave it. Last week when I met him, he was excited about a new phone his company gave him as a Diwali gift. His company makes those phones. The cost was less than 10% of his monthly salary but now all our friends had started cribbing, “bhenc*** hamari company se toh 1 dabba mithai bhi nahin milega”. Suddenly, this guy was feeling better. He had also got a personal note from his “otherwise asshole” manager asking about his plans for Diwali.

One might think that Diwali or any festival for that matter is just another excuse for marketers to make us spend more. Which I believe is true. The way we have been raised over the early 20 years of our life we have seen Diwali as a form of giving within the family, from elders to younger ones. When we talk about building the company as a family, the same rules should follow.

I am also of the opinion that cash for diwali gift isn’t a great idea. Cash is a form of bonus, festivals are meant for gifting. Also, no man likes to talk about cash in his bank. Goods bought from his cash is his earnings. The gift from his workplace should be a physical good that he can show to his family / friends. His family will feel better about his workplace. That tends to have maximum influence about how he feels about his work place.Diwali Shutterstock

Indian retail tycoon, Kishore Biyani, had shared in his book, It Happpened in India, that he got his employees’ houses painted for Diwali. Not only did the employees’ family feel great, the neighbors had something to envy about and the word that spread was that his employer got this done.

Some believe Diwali gifting is no longer about motivation, it’s about hygiene (ref: Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory). Some believe it is just another form of marketing. Whatever it is, give it a try, you will see a glitter in your teams’ eyes, that is very satisfying. Specially for the ones staying away from their family it might fill some void. They will have an extra excuse to call back home and you might be the reason.

Whether you are bootstrapping or rolling in profits, a Diwali gift won’t make a dent in your balance sheet. You still have another day to go, do it. Happy Diwali!

About the Author: Naman Sarawagi is the co-founder of FindYogi, an online price comparison engine for gadgets.

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