Startup Epiphanies: Move slowly when choosing what to focus on.

I write down all “epiphanies” I have. Now I have a doc with 300+ realizations 😂 5 recent big ones—about startups:
The danger of pursuing many good projects is not having the time to pursue many great projects. A rule of thumb: Move slowly when choosing what to focus on. But move very quickly once you’ve decided. Move slow then fast.
I’ve never made a new friend via Facebook. I’ve never met a business acquaintance from LinkedIn. Twitter, meanwhile, has brought me both. The surprise of social: People want to meet you based on your thoughts and output (e.g. Twitter)—not based on who you’re connected to.
Judge the years by how much you invested in your future self. Judge the decades by how much you cashed in on that investment.
A small gesture with a big impact: Reserve a few minutes per week to send appreciation emails to anyone you really enjoyed chatting with that week. If you’re specific about why you appreciated it—instead of just saying “Great chatting!”—it resonates much more.
You can avoid many coworker calls by sending a 5 minute voice recording instead. If your coworker has follow-up questions, respond with another brief voice recording. Now you’re doing calls on your own time. Let’s normalize asynchronous calls.
Most people don’t need more advice. They need mentors who pair advice with support and accountability: • Join a cohort-based class • Find a boss who’ll mentor you • Find similar folks on Twitter to form a peer group Mentorship and camaraderie convert advice into action.
Going to start tweeting more of my realization notes.

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