Fitness Startup FitCircle Raises Pre-Series A Funding, Aims To Disrupt Preventive HealthCare Industry

FitCircle, a chat-based health and fitness platform has raised an undisclosed amount in Pre-Series A funding from Beerud Sheth and Ravi Mantha.

The company founded in 2013 by Aarti Gill (IIT Alumni) and Mihir Gadani (Mumbai University), offers ‘free fitness coaching’ to individual users where people can buy products on the platform as recommended by nutrition and health experts.

“We have a right mix of human experts and fitness bots driving the paradigm shift from curative to preventive healthcare. Our focus currently is on keeping the users engaged and motivated with the right kind of content and expert intervention,” said Aarti Gill, Co-Founder, FitCircle, while talking to NextBigWhat.

FitCircle focuses on preventive healthcare, something that India lacks. They cater to ‘private fitness communities’ (or circles) and enable them to interact with each other—through online and offline mediums.FitCircle

The offline medium involves organizing boot camps and related activities to drive user engagement and motivation, led by human healthcare/fitness experts. Their online medium involves human experts and ‘automated bots’ that offer expert advice and keep the users engaged.

The new capital will be utilized to improve the company’s tech platform to make it more robust and intuitive. “We will be investing money to increase both demand (consumers) and supply side (experts) on the platform,” said Aarti.

FitCircle currently claims over 2,500 members, out of which 45% of them are said to be active on the platform.

A Holistic Approach To Fitness/Healthcare

The company has tied up with trainers, nutritionists, and healthcare advisors. The right mix of both offline and online mediums allows FitCircle to develop a holistic approach to personalized healthcare.

According to Aarti, every feature in the platform is built by recording human behavior—this helps solve the problem of motivation. “Currently healthcare platforms are still trying to solve the problem of motivation in fitness; we focus on that mainly and scale up our features accordingly,” added Aarti.

 For example, FitCircle has extended their services to corporates, allowing its employees to sign up with the platform and creating communities internally.FitCircle.2JPG

The holistic approach with a combination of both human experts and automated bots is a solution to the ‘motivation problem’. Aarti explains that platforms offering gym memberships isn’t sufficient enough to drive ‘motivation’.

“If someone wants to make fitness a habit, but has very less time, we first try to identify trigger points in their behavior that can drive engagement. Through this approach we are looking to disrupt the existing doctor and fitness platform industry,” said Aarti, while talking to NextBigWhat.

The company will be rolling out a health-checkup feature by tying up with new providers, and an insurance feature soon. Check out their Android app here.

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