@Forum: Employee Recognition Gifts?, Payment Gateway Reviews..and more


@Forum: Employee Recognition Gifts?, Payment Gateway Reviews..and more

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Need inputs on Employee Recognition Gifts

Jyoti, founder of CraftmyGift needs inputs on Employee Recognition awards:

“I have heard of a team in which the manager used to recognize his team members for their work by giving simple recognition certificates like “A noteworthy Performance”, “Achieving the impossible”, “Leading by
Example”, “Taking the initiative” and many more appreciations . It was an inexpensive gift but made a lot of difference to the team members as they used to love putting these certificates up in their cubicle.
It also helped in maintaining high spirits & a healthy competition in the team.
I wanted to get your views on how much will company owners as well as people who are employed in companies would like something like this to be presented.”

Review of Payment Gateways in India

Detailed review of payment gateways.

Will this concept work in India
Startup wants to know whether a portal to help people find business opportunities, posting their requirements for business plan or project report, loans, business books etc will work or not.

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