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What Samsung needs to learn from ‘new iPad’
First of all, Apple did not launch an iPad3, probably the most logical thing that was expected from an industry that is so damn used to product versioning.
Apple launched a “new iPad” and discontinued two variants of the iPad (32GB and 64GB).

How do you save a sinking ship aka a failing company..?

But, my friend continued to run it, at least in his mind until he met another person who was successful in the similar field and was doing good. Now, he’s merged into the 3rd person’s company and is doing about 7-8 orders a week.
So, surely our company was a sinking ship.. Do you think if i had hung on further more i would have been successful too.?

How long should you be in the game?

As a young entrepreneur, I have faced this question many times – How long are you going to do this?.

I have always responded confidently – “As long as it takes to build a company”

But I sometimes wonder, how long is that? Can you continue to do it even after you have run out of all your savings and cannot sustain yourself? Can you continue to do it once you have started to feel like you have ruined your career? Does it purely depend on the your risk appetite?

Being an Entrepreneur – The Day I was refused a credit card!

Once I handed over the details, he asked – “sir, which company do you work for?”. He was expecting ‘Infosys/TCS/Yahoo/Google’ sort of an answer probably (atleast somebloody software company name), but when I told him that I am ‘self-employed’, he said – ‘sorry sir’ and took away the form.
He didn’t even give me a second chance to ‘plead’ for the card !

Can we change payment gateway on later stage of business?

I have following doubt
1) if choose any payment gateway for now say XYZ, after some time when business goes well, can it be like I can change my payment gateway, if I get a better deal?
2) Will the change of payment gateway affect our business anyway?

Data mining, organization on Facebook

Apart from the chatter and noise, there’s a wealth of information thats being shared on Facebook thats nearly impossible to find after a while. An app that would extract, organize, make searchable or otherwise usable data and information out of this would just rock. could be public/private/opened up to a larger index, or opened up for use with other apps as structured content.

Plus a lot of insights and useful resources.

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