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Pay tax for advertising revenue from US?

If we get/accept ads from US advertisers or EU advertisers, should we pay sales tax or vat to US/EU taxman? – more

Looking for expanding our business.

I and my partner have been working on a great business idea (mobile apps). I think we need to expand the team to take the idea to a prototype stage and secure funding. Our problem is that we have very limited funds and we are hard core developers ourselves. I am hesitant to set-up an office as I am afraid that I will take on significant liability (rental bills etc.) and operational overheads will eat into our quality time. What is the right way of doing this? Any suggestions? – more

IP Pricing

We have a patent in network space and earlier wanted to build a startup around that.
But the reality is that our idea hasnt taken off, so now I want to sell off the IP – would like to understand how is patent pricing done? how to value the IP to a potential buyer? – more

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