@Startup Forum- Office Space, Hiring Serial Entrepreneurs, Patents..and more

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@Startup Forum- Office Space, Hiring Serial Entrepreneurs, Patents..and more

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Hiring a serial entrepreneur?

I run a vas startup and here is what we are stuck at – we plan to hire a CMO and came across an interesting candidate whom we all like..
But the real challenge is that he has started 2 firms earlier..and even though they didn’t do extremely well..our fear is that he might be on his 3rd venture and is looking at this as a ‘breather’..
While we strongly liked the person (and his capabilities), I would like to understand how do ppl handle such circumstances..i mean what kind of agreement do you put in place..and what kind of qns do you ask.

Patent on Business Model Innovation??

I need to apply for patent on a business model, but not sure whether I can apply for one in India. Please let me know where can i know more about business model innovation and can the patent be applied globally.

Revenue model for Early stage (Geeky) startups?

Its a bit surprising that “you” as founders didn’t ask yourselves this question that the investors are asking you. Anyways, since you mention you are building an embedded systems product, probably, the revenue will be generated from the sale of the product (it could be as simple as that). On the other hand if your product is an IP (for e.g. a video decode algorithm) then your revenue would come from licensing fees.
From my limited experience of being in your shoes, I can tell you that just being geeks and being able to build products with great technology won’t take your company where you’d like to see it. To succeed, you will certainly need some expertise in terms of marketing and overall (non-technical) business aspects.


  • Saturday Startup

Office Space

  • Office space available in Jayanagar, Bangalore
    We have 1 to 3 seats up for co-sharing. Office is in prime locality of Jayanagar 4th Block. (Opp Nilgiris)
    – Plug and Play, – Cabin & Desk, Chair,LAN enabled,Can share internet as well
    Total office space is 12 seater. Currently looking for 1 to 3 seater.
  • A startup is looking for office space (for 5)
  • Co-working space in Delhi

NGO Needs Help

  • thehelphub.org/
    its a non profit website which connects people who want to give or donate things to ngos / agencies etc who are in need or want specific services.
    We need help in creating awareness about this website – so any tweet / blog post etc would really help us.

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