A Quick Note To The Founders Who Were Hiding.. [Net Neutrality Debate]

So far, very few ‘funded’ founders came out in the open and talked openly about the net neutrality issue.
Why? Because it’s a double-edged sword.
[A] You can easily say *Fuck You* to AirtelZero (or similar opportunity) and win the community love.
[B] What if your competition goes ahead and does a deal – you are screwed.Plus, inherently such platforms can be used to drive marketing – so ‘never say never’.
That is, keep the channel open. And DON’T SPEAK.
None of them came out clearly in the open and uttered a word (except for some like Deepinder of Zomato).
Now that Flipkart has done the ballsy job of declaring its stand on Airtel zero, several founders are now *issuing* press releases supporting net neutrality. Because they have to ‘look good’. They need to ride the ‘Flipkart wave’ at any cost!
This is the screenshot of my inbox post today’s Flipkart announcement.
My 2 cents to these founders: You are a chicken. You are a mere watcher with no guts to take a stand of your own. Don’t be a pretentious dick. Don’t bother to send us press releases.