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It all started with ! : We heart Startups! : We heart Startups!

2 years back, we rebranded from to NextBigWhat.
And today, we are relaunching
As a funding platform.
As a platform that will make funding process extremely efficient.
Over the last few years, we have been curating/providing visibility to startups and the time has come to make it more formal and structured. At, we are using a lot of learnings we have had in the last few years -i.e of identifying and spotting amazing companies and we will now help you close funding.
Our mantra is #Curation. #Curation. #Curation. #Curation! We Are Bringing All Good Men And Women [Investors] Onboard.
We are not just curating startups, but we are also curating investors and ensuring the match-making is more useful than just money.

Focus : Efficiency. Massive Efficiency.

Fundamentally we believe that founders should not spend¬†waste a lot of time raising funds (especially in early stage). A founder’s job is to build and sell; and funding provides the fuel. The process needs to be much more efficient and BS-proof.
That’s what we bring to the table – massive efficiency in the entire process backed by our deep understanding of the space.¬†We understand the tech space very well and are deeply connected to investors/angels (and their preferences).
We will work with the founders, help them with a lot of product feedback/suggestions (when-needed) and hand-hold them during the entire process.
Importantly, we will own the entire backend process to ensure that you, the founder do not waste time chasing investors for operational activities like signing termsheets/SHAs etc. Focus : Take the pain out of fund raising process. There has to be a better way and we will show you that!

Meet the team

The team, as you can see is deeply Pluggdin to the startup ecosystem for more than few years!! We all bring a level of maturity, respect and lot of love towards the startups!
Prathibha Sastry
Before joining, Prathibha was working with Microsoft Ventures. She will be handling the¬†operations at and will ensure that we meet our ‘efficiency SLAs’.
Ashish Sinha
Well, I am involved in everything related to startups! I just heart startups! 
Pratyush Prasanna
PP is an advisor + investor + beer boss at He brings in some great experience of product management/sales and everything else in between.

And if you are wondering what’s with NextBigWhat after¬†, well let me tell you right away that¬† is a separate business entity and¬†so is the team.
We continue to run NextBigWhat (as-is) and¬†¬†is the first platform¬†we are launching to strengthen¬†the ecosystem (reference : my notes on NextBigWhat’s birthday)

Apply Now !

If you are a startup looking to raise funding, fill up the details here.
If you are an investor and looking for some amazing startups/extremely curated startups which you can invest in, please share your details here.
We will help the two of you decide and move fast!.
Got questions? Ask:
And of course, like always – stay¬†¬†ūüôā
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