Of Guest Posts And The Art of Growth Hacking

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Of Guest Posts And The Art of Growth Hacking

Did you know that Buffer used a very simple technique to enroll 100,000 users, in just 9 months? HelpScout got 36,733 subscribers on their email list by using the same simple technique?

No rocket science, but the technique is called Guest posting on relevant blogs and content sites.

You will find active blogs for every imaginable topic. Simply put, Guest Posting is identifying such blogs and contributing quality content to them. And in return you use their audience to drive high quality traffic to your website and as a bonus you also get linkbacks which improve your search rankings!

As part of growth hacking series (read the first part : Understanding SEO), let’s take a look at how growth hackers can use guest posting to increase traffic to their product.

Watch the art and science of growth hacking from Ankit Oberoi, cofounder of AdPushup.

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