Startup IndianRaga wants to democratize Indian performing arts space

The most promising of startups arise when the founder are building something for themselves and solving a pain point for others in the process. For IndianRaga founder Sriram, it was the challenge of finding the right opportunities for a creative arts person like himself.

Unable to find a platform which an artist could make use of for doing tasks like finding scholarships to interacting with fellow artists and having a centralized online portfolio, IndianRaga came about with a simple premise that an artist should focus his time on creation than worrying about these things.

IndianRaga is not there to merely to offer a platform to connect artists and the organizations but rather it is in the process of creating a platform that encompasses the entire gamut of the music artists and the beneficiaries of the system. For the artist it makes sense a his entire digital portfolio is in one single place and for the organizations looking for fellowship applicants now have access to a larger talent pool. Further on the entire backend for the organization would now be taken care of by IndianRaga, which is betting on machine learning and recommendation engines to carefully match the tastes of the musicians and the organizations and help them discover each other.

Revenue Model:
IndianRaga would be looking at four major revenue verticals for the platform:

1. Subscription Fees
Fees for both the creative artists and the organizations to make use of the platform. To incentivize them, soon IndianRaga would start offering curated educational content for the artists and for the organizations the service would be free initially.

2. Freemium
The usual freemium model, where the user would be offered limited features and the usage would be subsidized by advertisements.

3. Curated Content
IndianRaga would be offering original content in the form of educational videos with leading musicians, partnership with Sahapedia to create content on Indian arts and heritage.

4. Music Store
IndianRaga would be creating a digital store for artists to sell their creations and a share from the sale would go to IndianRaga.

Beginning now till early next year, IndianRaga is trying to build a brand for itself in the creative arts community. Events would form major part of this, whereby IndianRaga would organize events to connect both established and upcoming artists and make Indian music receptive to the ears of the modern day listeners.

With a clear focus on varied avatars of Indian music both in US and India, the folks at IndianRaga have received considerable patronage for their efforts from the diaspora and the non-native listeners. Armed with partnership with ITC Sangeet Research Academy, they will have short-term residential courses for international students and master classes in Indian classical music. IndianRaga itself is offering fellowships in Hindustani & Carnatic Classical to kickstart the process and it will hopefully act as the poster boy for the Indian music scene globally when it competes in the finals of the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen.

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