Startup Juice: From hobby to successful business

Entrepreneurship – you never know when it can hit you. You will never know what’s the right time to take the plunge!
I guess, few things in life are just destined – for the right time, right place and right people.

John Drummond had a comfortable life @ IBM. Like his dad, he also thought of retiring from IBM, leading a comfortable life.

But then, destiny had other plans and Drummond got laid-off from IBM.
“I was stunned. IBM had always provided for me. Now Mother IBM was gone.”

Undeterred, John turned his childhood passion for unicycles into the world’s largest retailer of unicycles.

“In just eight months our little part-time business generated more income than my full-time job would have. In December, sales reached $55,000. I sent a thank-you note to my former IBM manager, telling him it was the best thing that could have happened.

Read the complete article here. John’s interview with CNN here.

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