Startup Juice | Interview with Founder, GeoBeats

GeoBeats is an interactive media company whose mission is to inform travelers about international destinations through the use of short-and-informative videos.

Unlike other user generated content site, GeoBeats has an *army* of professionals filmmakers who create these high quality-yet-down to earth travel videos [my review here].

Here is our interview with Vishesh Bajaj, one of the founders of GeoBeats.

  • Tell us about GeoBeats. Who are the founders? What prompted you guys to startup GeoBeats? What’s your background?
    GeoBeats is based out of Washington DC with a development center in India. Founders are Vishesh Bajaj and Ashish Khurana. We had always been looking for an audio visual medium for travel information but production costs and technology inhibited the process until recently.
    However, media and technology trends seemed ripe early last year for us to jump into the venture. We both have worked in a variety of large media and technology companies.
  • You guys must be travel freak to come up with an idea like this. Tell us more about that.
    Yes, we love to travel and found that most of the travel information is commercialized. We saw a need in the market for a pure video based travel information resource.
  • What’s your employee strength? Are you all located in India?
    Confidential – can not disclose operational details at this stage.
  • In general, the travel market is too crowded. How do you think a site like GeoBeats has a chance to make a splash?
    By focusing on being a video based travel resource that is solely focused on informing international travelers.
  • How do you plan to monetize GeoBeats? Content licensing/Ads…? Partnerships?
    Monetization will be through a combination of advertising and licensing.
  • How do you recruit your filmmakers? Who are these fellows? What’s your selection criteria?
    These are independent filmmakers around the world who are passionate about travel.
  • Couple of readers have expressed interest in becoming GeoBeats filmmaker. Do you guys train them? Tells us the modus operandi.
    They can contact us at
  • Who are your investors?
  • Your life as an entrepreneur – challenges/expectations. Tell us more about the journey.
    Challenges – hiring good people, there are so many opportunities – prioritizing them, keeping productivity level up while working insane hours for months.Expectations – to become a great resource for travelers and make the world aware of lesser known destinations.
  • Any other info that you guys would like to share?
    We love doing what we do. It’s challenging, ambitious and can’t imagine anything more exciting than this. And we are always looking for good people in technology and production side.
    So if you are up for working very hard and doing something really exciting, let us know at
  • Advice to entrepreneurs?
    Stay focused, know what your company is really good at and build your products/service on top of that strength.Also, force yourself to take time off even if it may seem counter intuitive when you want to accomplish the impossible in a limited period!
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