Early Stage Startup Life: Neatly Decoded by The Family Man series

Startups are chaotic and a fun ride. Especially in the early days.

And we truly love it when mainstream movie/web series gets it right and decodes the actual startup life in a subtle way.

Here are scenes from The Family Man, which truly depicts the early stage startup life – when roles/entitlements are distributed at an inversely proportional rate of salary!

New Employee Joins. Is Surprised at the fancy designation. From a normal engineer to VP, in no time !

(No better bragging rights than a sexy designation)

Gets to know that ‘Everybody’s a VP here’.

Everybody’s a VP here! Else, how else will we attract talent?

(Rings a bell?)

Oh! But then, there are no benefits !

PF, anyone?

And NO MONEY too !

Sounds familiar? Been there, done that?

Still doing it?

Welcome to early stage startups where crazy ideas and ambition wins over pain and struggles.

Not everybody is able to survive this phase, but the ones who sustain and survive often (and I say, often) end up enjoying the party.


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