Startup MyPeon Intends To Make Running Daily Errands A Breeze For Mumbaikars

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Startup MyPeon Intends To Make Running Daily Errands A Breeze For Mumbaikars

mypeonThe worst part of a visit to any public service office in the country is the long waiting queues, be it a bank or a post office or even the railway station. Anyone with an experience in waiting in these queues could tell you about how time consuming they are. Imagine if you could have someone to stand in the queue for you, go to the post office or run any daily errand, but for a small price.

MyPeon is a Mumbai based startup, that will run daily errands for you, like picking up your dry cleaned clothes, dropping off a courier or collecting your medical records.

The bootstrapped service, currently available only in Mumbai, covers areas in the city that include Churchgate to Borivali (Western), CST to Thane (Central) and CST to Vashi (Harbor).

“Running daily errands is a real pain point for an individual in a city like Mumbai, we figured out there’s a need and hence we started launched the product to fill the gap,” says Bharat Ahirwar, Founder of MyPeon.

Some of the services offered include making payments like utility bills and property taxes, picking up grocery, tiffin drop offs etc. The price for these regular services cost Rs 200 and a discounted price of Rs 150 is available for monthly packages along with other monthly pricing.

The startup also offers customized service like cleaning, repair and legal document delivery and the service has tied up with third parties like dry-cleaners, repair shops and cleaning agencies to cater to custom requests from users.

mypeon charges

Placing a request for a services involves filling up a standard  form with details like pickup and drop off addresses, where the cash has to be collected and timings.

“We started of with 1 errand a day, gradually moved to 3 then 8 and 12 and now we complete 20-25 errands in a day. We have completed almost 5000-8000 services till date,” says Bharat.

Even though many of the services offered by the startup can be done online, a lot of them like mobile bills past the due date and payments by cheque, which is a preferred payment mode by many, cannot be done online.

Another segment the service caters to is corporate clients, where almost all payments are done by cheque.

With time constraints running errands is a difficult task for most of us during their busy work days and paying the extra Rs 200 won’t be much of a bother in such a situation.

Timesaverz is another Mumbai based company that offers similar services.

Cyclercity, a Bangalore based bike messenger service, also offers pick up and drops of packages within the city limits.

In the future the company, which currently has a team of 10, plans to expand to a full fledged concierge desk offering more services.

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