Hey Founders : There Is A Difference Between PR and BS.


Hey Founders : There Is A Difference Between PR and BS.

Now that you are done with funding press releases, you have to build something. While you can’t employ 9 women to produce a kid in 1 month, you need to be a buzzing brand in order to please investors and importantly, your own ego.

NO BULLSHIT Please, Founders !
NO BULLSHIT Please, Founders !

Welcome to the new new world of startups and PR in which founders often mistake PR as a validation tool.

Media Coverage = Product & Business Validation

The assumption that media coverage = product validation has killed many interesting products.

Founders have found a cheat sheet on how to fool mainstream media, which is super desperate and hungry for startupgasmic words like funding, M&A, consolidation, layoff etc. The mainstream media will go at any length to cover anything related to startups – be it founders’ fav food to underwear color; and all it takes is a smart founder to figure out this desperation.

But let me tell you this.

You end up chasing the wrong dream.

This smartness is a never-ending pit. A pit where greatness is sacrificed for mediocrity because the focus is purely on today and cheap marketing than building something bigger and something which can potentially last for more than 10 years.

Coming back to the point, here is a classic example of how Lookup *FOOLED* mainstream media publications to cover the launch of …well, its twitter handle!

Yes – the twitter handle creation is now news! 

This is how Lookup fooled them (and this is precisely why I respect Rahul Yadav – who took the mainstream media head-on with his confusing quotes around funding/firing  – proving their lack of knowledge & interest in the space).

Anyways, coming back to the PR game – this is the Lookup PR that was well covered by some mainstream media (ET, Business Standard, Financial Express and several others).

The technical integration will include a Twitter account @lookuplite to answer people’s queries. Whenever you Tweet your request, you will get a reply through a mention on Twitter. If you want to ask something in private, you can send a Direct Message to @lookuplite.

Twitter’s support in encouraging the entrepreneurial culture is rampant in the world today. There are over 320 million Twitter users in today’s world and a large number of Lookup users are also active on Twitter. With this partnership, Twitter is providing Lookup a larger social establishment. Now, ‘getting things done with a message’ is now more convenient and easily procurable.

“Our idea is to make Lookup ubiquitous. Being one of the most popular social media in the world, Twitter is a real-time communications platform for us that can’t be skipped for our on-demand local commerce service,” said Deepak Ravindran, Co- founder and CEO of Lookup.


I mean creating a twitter account (with 93 followers and 165 tweets) now translates to ‘technical integration’? And partnership where you are provided a larger social establishment.

Sorry, that’s utter f**king bullshit and often shows the fact that PR >>> PRoduct for some founders.

Yes, there is a PR in the PRoduct – but let the PRoduct speak for itself, first ? Great companies are not built on such fluffy talks.

Let me end with a golden quote by Seth Godin

“Finding new ways, more clever ways to interrupt people doesn’t work.”

Go. Build a great product! Everything comes later.

Great Companies are NOT built on press releases.

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  1. Yes thats is the way of doing business and I also follow it ,
    today our generation want every thing fast and on others money 🙂

  2. Mahesh Murthy

    I was waiting for you to comment, my friend 🙂

  3. Muhammad Usman

    Strongly agree,today any one can make head lines on any media,there is no rationale why consumers will chat online with vendors,,,are they friedns,relatives or what….whatsapp is famous because there are social groups chatting most of the time “NON SENSE” with time pass images,Videos,& audios FUN time folks.

    Now,most of the online businesses are focused at busy folks who dont want to spend their productive time on routine & mundane jobs of life, in this case (lookup) grocery shopping;when they don’t have time….. then will they spend their precious time chatting with kirana stores BIG Q…???

    asking for atta dal ka bhav,checking for their stock availability….,,,& negotiating with them,,,,,do they do this really!!?????

    What an idea sir jeee,,,,,,

    “lookup” you should “lookin”…….

  4. Great article. Must read for every new startups.

    Thanks God we (TechSense Labs) never got lured to all these BS and focused strongly on profits. Today in 6 yrs, we are self funded, profitable and managing in very lean way.

    Sometimes, I was also tempted to go for funding route.But running a lean company always makes sense.

  5. Mrinal Krant

    Agree, the fraudland of start ups are complete BS, that rests on fake PR. Media is dumb and hungry and helpless and so they publish anything that has no proof or basis. Undisclosed funding, even by Ratan Tata into Urban Ladder, etc. Does anyone know how much he invested? Do we ever check if round of funding is true and not just fake hollow words? This is such a private party lounge! A friend from IIT told me that the Economic Times published $2 mn funding for their firm, when they said, they were actually looking for investors? No VC ever invested there, but that fake news gave them some decent mileage!

    When I joined a start up that was TechCrunch finalist and had managed some $8 mn investments from a few Silicon Valley start ups, I found that their product just a ‘concept’, yet to be proven. They were ‘zero’ on product and to the TC panel, they just fooled by giving some unadulterated BS.

  6. Dear Lord! That was ruthless! Much needed though 🙂

  7. Sachin

    They are doing the right thing. everyone knows the game is rigged bro. StartUps are time pass where you get free money from black money VCs.

    How in the world, there is no investigation of where VCs get their money?

    Have you ever read VCs going bust ever?

    90% of startups fail, but VC have 100% record of non failure and even with Diversification, atleast few VCs should go bust by now.

    VCs are for ever, startUps are like seasons, they come and go.

  8. Jayati Agarwal

    Twitter co-founder is one of the investors in Lookup.. Thats why even if lookup creates a twitter account, its a news..

  9. Not Mahesh Murthy

    This “startup kid” Deepak and his guru Sanjay from MobMe are both BS – PR addicts. What is the product? Who are the users? Apart from random bullshit, there are no answers. Is it a coincidence that they are both from Kerala?

    Someone should do a myth buster series. Let’s start with the history of Deepak’s Innoz. *runs to get popcorn*

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